Hello people of the internet! How are you all doing today ? Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Recently I am thinking a lot about how humans interact between each other and naturally the topic of team and work comes to mind.

Ever wondered what is that one thing all great teams/startups must have?

Well let's try to figure this thing out today. My background is kinda non standard because when I was younger I played a lot of basketball so some of my analogies and thoughts will be influenced by that.

Let's first define the word team. It is a

Group of people that are working towards the same goal(s).

One thing people overlook quite often because they get blinded by other things is that people within the team need to be friends. No other way around it.

If you are a group up to 10 people and all of you can't hangout with each other and laugh and do stuff, then chemistry will be all messed up and things will probably not end up well.

If you are friends you will have each others back when things get rough ( and they probably will ). If you are friends you will help your buddy out with what ever issue he/she has.

That also means when there are wins you also celebrate them together.

That also means you can't wait to see each other and start working on those goals together.

Now that's what I call a team and where I want to work at.

Everything else will pass, money, material stuff, all of that will be gone, but one thing that stays is experiences and memories you have with your team.

That's all for today. Let me know if your view of a great team is something different or if you want to talk about food or anything :)