Engineers usually like to run after new shiny things on a daily level. There is a lot of those things on the market lately.

This is especially true in Javascript world when things are changing every single day, but it's also true generally.

If you are in the Ruby community you are probably wearing Elixir hat right now, drinking coffee and telling people that they should all switch to Elixir. Same goes for every new shiny object out there.

But the truth is, if you want to build a business, you should most likely use old, boring technology that stood the test of time. It's either Ruby, Java, C# etc. You get the point. Why ?

Let's look it from a point of just bootstrapping a business. You want to iterate fast. You want to be able to stand on shoulder of giants that made libraries to support your needs. Everything from authentication to database cleaners. You also need to be able to rely on security implementations of the thing you are using.

Last thing you want when you're trying to get that product/market fit is to worry about library that has 0.8 version but you're on 0.7 and the new version has the breaking change. Also you don't want to build your own security layers from scratch. You just don't want to do that unless you are a security startup. These are only some of the problems you will run too. Oh and one more that comes to mind is when you need a bit of help from fellow programmers if you choose a very weird tech stack you will have a very slim choice.

To be fair this is not always true. This advice is meant for most SaaS apps and software out there. You should think about what is the type of thing you are building, for example if you are building a highly concurrent web app, that needs to have millions of processes in order to make money, then you might want to choose something else other than ruby for example. But most people are not building those type of apps. In most cases boring tech wins.

Well that's all for now people. Let me know what you think about this topic and this blog post over all internet mediums!