So this post is totally unplanned but I just feel I need to state my opinion regarding these kind of things.

I just went out for a walk and saw a couple of guys playing basketball. I haven't played in awhile but really wanted to so I asked them could I join and they said yes.

We played a couple of pick up games and I noticed that in the opposing team there is this young dude who is pretty good.

We finished a couple of games and I met with that young dude and we started talking. I brought with me my favorite OSU ( Ohio State University ) hat and he asked me am I going to that college. I said that I did not go to that college but I was in Columbus and I am going there again in a month.

We kept talking and he said he is 15 years old and he is playing in a local basketball club. Then he said people tell him that there is nothing in basketball and that he can't go anywhere. They tell him there isn't really anything besides "normal" life. They tell him that his basketball career will be over once he finishes high school. That's where I turned my "Eric Thomas" mode on ( if you don't know who Eric Thomas is here is the link, I highly suggest him when ever you feel down ).

I told him that he should not let people tell him he can't achieve his goals. Especially not the people who did not accomplish their goals and now they want to satisfy their own ego. He should take tapes of himself playing basketball games, work super super super hard and he will be the player and the person he wants to be.

Please please don't be the person who tells other people their goals and their dreams can't be accomplished or that their dreams are "too big" and they should stop dreaming. If you don't support those dreams and goals just don't say anything and let the person with goals and dreams go after them.

That's all. Hopefully this post helped someone to not give up on himself and to keep pushing no matter how much people tell him those dreams are "not possible".