Hello peeps!

Since it's almost the end of the year, I think it would be awesome to take moment to look back at what happened and celebrate all of the successes and acknowledge bad things as well.

Before I start telling you what good & bad things actually happened one should realize that in order for good to happen failure needs to happen. I believe that life comes in seasons and sometimes you are having a nice sunny season and sometimes you have a storm for what ever reason. Key thing for ones success is to realize this and not give up and not give in.

All of the good parts

Personal Growth

I decided way back that I want to improve every single day. But I think during this year this really jumped out as one of the core things to my success. I realized that there were no 3 days in a row in which I did not grow. There were moments that I was just dragging ass and was not feeling it, but on those days I read blog posts, a few paragraphs of a book or a small code challenge.

I have a clear weekly/daily plan on what I want to work on. Usually it consists of a reading session, followed by coding. The emphasis is usually different from a day to day. And I highly encourage everyone to do a similar thing.

Filtering People Who Are Around You

As Software Engineers we tend to be a bit more anti-social and inclined towards being introverted. I am really quite the opposite of introvert, I love to hangout with people. But I believe you should always try to hangout with people who are making you better, not worse. Here is a quote I always like to refer to when these type of things are in question:

When you are the smartest person in the room , you should probably leave the room.

Usually this is pretty hard. Just letting people go in general is hard. For me it was letting go of some old friends and finding new friends who are making me personally a lot better. This is really easier said then done. But its one of the things one needs to do if he wants to improve.

Open Source

This is programming specific, but I always used open source things. I loved the idea and supported open source. But I was rarely involved in developing and helping out. This changed and I've put more emphasis on it by the end of this year. Started working on a library we use heavily in work called ngQuickDate. Super excited about that. I invite anyone who is using open source to try to contribute in some way.


Since I started going to the new gym here I've exploded as far as this goes. Workouts are a habit for me and improving on those makes me happy. I think every software engineer needs a way to not think about programming daily and this is my way of doing it.

Joined NextChapterBK

Around August this year I joined NextChapter so we could build new way of doing legal tech. It's a super exciting journey, I have some great people around me and we are gonna make a difference.

Bad Parts


I am an extremely passion driven person. Everything that I do goes from the core and the fact that I care about it. This can easily lead to burning out. It happened at least 6 times during this year. Main reason is I just can't sit still and do nothing. When ever I have like two hours of doing nothing I start being mad at myself for wasting time. What I learned over and over again tough is that by giving yourself some time off you actually improve yourself, because you can do more in the upcoming days. Thus resting is not a bad thing. I usually do last day of the week totally off from everything.

Burning out really sucks. What helped the most in those moments is just hanging out with your loved ones and your friends and working out. That's all.

Moving Away From A Certain Company

Wow this was painful. Before NextChapter I was working for a company as a full stack engineer and I really liked it. Enjoyed the people and everything. Improved a ton just by working with them. In early August I was informed from my CTO that I was let go due to some financial problems in the company. This sucked on so many levels. It was a pretty hard punch in the face. But I sorta jumped back from it pretty quickly. Things that helped me jump back were watching a lot of Less Brown and Eric Thomas. This was a storm and a big one.

Well that was kinda the really general overview of how this year went. When I count all of the ups and downs it turns out it was one of the best years I ever had. Did not think that if you look at the bad things but as Steve Jobs would say:

You can not connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards.

That's all folks. Hope you had an awesome year and here is to even better one! :beers: ( I know emojis don't work :) )