Decided to share a chapter of the book I am currently writing:

Don't let the fear of failure stop you from achieving your goals.

I am standing in front of this huge lion. Behind that lion is everything I want. Happiness, friends, kids, achieved goals and everything else beautiful on this world.

The only way to get to get those things is to kill the lion. There is no other way. Trust me I tried million of solutions to get around the lion but every single time I was just hammered by his huge claw.

I finally realized that I have to kill the lion. I look down and see this tiny wooden stick. It's already kinda half broken and old but that's the best thing I have currently.

Little boy holding a tiny stick against a huge lion who can crush anything just by looking at it.

This is the exact moment where champions are born.

In this moment there are only two options:

  • Kill the lion
  • Be afraid of the lion for the rest of your life and keep crying about how you will never have the things want.

If you go for the first bullet point that's where Kobe's and Lebron's and Zuckeberg's of this world are born. Right there. Please remember this.

It's the courage that turns a human being into a champion, not their talent or skills. It's about saying the "f" word to fear and going after it.

So I started fighting the lion. I first started hitting him with that wooden stick, that poor thing broke down in seconds.

I thought to myself "Well if I die fighting at least that's one hell of an Amen" (if you recognized one part of that sentence from a song, please email me. I want to buy you a beer. )

I started hitting the lion with everything I have.

I threw in a couple of punches and he slammed me right to the ground. I thought for a second that my life is over.

Then I told to myself: "I haven't been through all of this trouble just to go down like this."

Again I went all in on the lion and got hammered to the ground again. That happened a couple of times.

Until I finally figured out that as long as I was showing the lion that I am afraid I will never kill him. He will always win.

You need to BELIEVE that you are stronger and better then the lion and that you deserve all of the things behind that damn lion.

With that in mind I hit the lion and all of a sudden that lion started shrinking in size. The more I believed the more lion looked like a little kitten.

At the end of the battle I just jumped over that lion.

The end.

Now that my friends is life. A life well lived. Even if you die trying to kill the lion I salute you. But the thing is
most people don't have the courage to fight the lion. They sit in their little bubbles ignoring the lion. Or they just wine about how lion is big and nobody can take him out.

Go out there and kill your lion.