If you want to do anything more than average or minimum, you're gonna go through something I call a storm.

It is a very dark period of your life where self doubt gets into your head, you can't really sleep and think during the day. Basically you feel like crap and you are not the best person to talk to during that period. Also anxiety is pretty normal.

It is usually caused by failing at something you really wanted to happen or by waiting for something that is about to happen but you don't have full control over it. Also somebody maybe let you down, that can also cause a storm.

To make it even more fun you start going from one problem to dozen problems in one day. A lot of them are self created because of the original reason, but some could be real.

I've gone through a couple of those and I want to help out by sharing how I survived those moments.

  • Storms come and go. It's a yin/yang type of thing. So you need to remind yourself every day that it's not here to stay. Eric Thomas said :

You are either in a storm or out of one.

  • Bring things down to fundamental truths. This is something I picked up from Elon Musk. What does really bring success ? For me it's hard work. I know if I continue to work hard and work on myself both professionally and personally I am gonna succeed. And that is the truth.

  • Talk to people. It is much easier to go through these things if you tell other people how you feel. During these moments you can really see who your friends are and who are not. If they listen and are willing to give you advice they are real friends. It's easy to be a friend when it's sunshine and rainbows.

  • Find an original problem and tackle it. Shut down other noise because you are gonna get overwhelmed super fast and this period will only last longer. This was actually the hardest one for me, but I got better over time.

  • Listen to people like Elon Musk, Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins and Less Brown. These are people that have experienced some pretty hard and crappy situations and just listening and seeing them will help out.

Well that's all that I have. Remind and practice these every day and it should get better. I don't know when it will be over and how fast will it get better but it will.

At the end of the day all of the successful people went through these and they are "filters" that either make you great or average.

If you're reading this and experiencing something similar I hope that this post will help you out. If not keep this post bookmarked when you go through a storm.