In order to be successful you're gonna sometimes go through periods of pain and self doubt and just all around mess.

I wanted to share how I found a way to overcome those things, but all of the advice on this world won't work unless you actually execute and act and implement that advice. Just wanted to get that out there because a lot of people tend just to read stuff and not implement stuff.

It's pretty simple and you probably already heard it from life coaches or quotes. Find out why are you doing things that you are currently doing and remind yourself of what's behind that curtain. What's the prize that you're gonna get at the end ? Who are you going to become at the end ?

Now when ever you're going through tough times just remember your why and prize behind the curtain. If the why and prize is big enough pain will go away. If not then you have to step back and rethink your whys and goals.

That's all. I know this is one of those things you already knew probably, but constantly reminding yourself and executing is what's important.