We recently ran into a situation where we were pretty pumped up about building a feature.

When the week of starting to work on that feature finally started, we sat down and did a short brainstorming session to see how are we going to approach it, timeframe, design etc.

During the first ten minutes of discussion we realized, if we put ourselves in the shoes of our users, the feature that we are excited about won't bring that much value.

It was just a cool thing to have, and we were excited to build it out, but really it did not bring a bunch of value to our users and we decided not to build it.

Instead we ended up working on a bit less exciting feature but that's going to bring more value to our users, which is what matters.

Next time you want to build out a feature "X" ask yourself does it really bring value to the people who are going to use it, and how much are they going to use it.

Don't just build out features for the sake of building features.

Do you have any thoughts on this? How do you decide what's important on your product roadmap and what should be built ? Email or tweet me your thoughts!